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Month: September 2021


Over here at Eagle Eye, we are never afraid to nerd out. So we encourage you to check out these amazing photos. BTW, trichomes, seen in the first place photo, were something we learned about in grad school while studying plants. They act kind of like anti-tank devices and actually tear off the soft legs …

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What’s the Buzz?

Hey, any of you all have an old wasp nest to try this on? By the way, the recently discovered fluorescent qualities of paper are a good reminder for test-takers to pay attention to detail on the upcoming SAT. Even seemingly insignificant details can be important!

Nerd Out!

Now with the September ACT behind us, at Eagle Eye we are taking time to smell the roses and nerd out a bit! Here’s a chance for you to do the same even as you get back to school and begin to steel yourself for the tests in October!

Expect the Unexpected

Some things are unexpected like this https://www.mediaite.com/news/a-bunch-of-zebras-are-on-the-loose-in-maryland/?utm_source=fark&utm_medium=website&utm_content=link&ICID=ref_fark and some are not. Review your punctuation rules, review your math facts and formulas. Saturday’s ACT will be pretty predictable, so hop on it!

Blast From the Past

You all grew up watching him. TBH, Blue’s Clues was one of the few shows Garrett could watch with his children and not want to run away screaming. Anyway, Steve is back and this is super sweet. A good reminder that you are awesome and will do well on the ACT this weekend!

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A detailed walkthrough!