Eagle Eye Tutoring

Month: May 2022

Just Do It

If you want results, you have to put in effort. Just a bit a day as June’s tests approach. Imagine how much stronger you’d be if you did 5 math problems every day – or one grammar section (SAT writing or ACT English). Set a reasonable goal and accomplish it! 

Expanding our Understanding

We try to keep our eyes open for cool things to supplement our diet of test prep. Here’s a wonderful opportunity! Our focus in Headstones and History: Black Lives Matter(ed) is mostly on Georgetown, but this is a great chance to expand our understanding! We’ll see you there!https://www.nga.gov/calendar/guided-tours/afro-atlantic-histories/procession-enslaved-washington.html

Don’t Be Intimidated!

When studying for APs this weekend, use your time wisely. Take breaks for a bit of exercise to improve efficiency. When possible, form study groups to quiz each other. If material is intimidating you, ask a friend for help. Activity, not paralysis, is the key. Now, here is something that was truly intimidating!

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