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First, it appears that the ACT is in fact on for June in DC, so now is the time to brush away the cobwebs and to really focus. I recommend an hour a day review and work. As always, I am happy to provide materials for those of you who want to work on your own, and, of course, I am happy to meet over FaceTime, etc. 

I do know some parents and students are not remotely prepared to participate in an indoor mass gathering. Taking a test with a mask and worrying about your hands and the bathroom is not anyone’s idea of a good time. So, if a June test is not an option for you or your child, there’s one in July, which to me sounds a lot less fraught. If you do decide to take the July rather than the June test, make sure that you register for it. Please note, if your location is not open for the June test, then you will not be automatically signed up for the July test, you have to go do that yourself. Please go to the ACT site for any further information.

Finally, students have plenty of time to take the ACT – at least 3 times before early action/ early decision. I think it’s fair to say that motivation and cleverness have not been blossoming during this time of quarantine and Zoom. So, I also think it is important that students take the test when they are ready and do not let themselves be bullied into taking it at any particular time. If you or your child is ready and fit in June, then go for it. If not, then do July, if adequate prep can realistically be done. If not, the fall is a fine option. As always, I am happy to meet with parents or students to discuss timing and how best to prepare for any particular test.

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