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AP Exam Helpful Hints

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Definitely try the demo AP so you can test your browser and see how to best complete your answers (cut and paste, attach or take a photo). We took it earlier this morning (how bored can we be?!) and it was super helpful!

If you are submitting a photo, make sure it is a jpg.  If you email a photo from an iPhone or iPad it is converted to a jpg. Alternatively, you can adjust the settings of an iPhone/iPad to ensure your photos are jpegs (Settings–>Camera–>Formats–>Most Compatible)

When you take the test, try to be in a place with a strong wifi signal.  Ideally, ask others in your house not to use wifi during the test. (Sorry little brother playing Fortnite!)

For students who have technical difficulties, the College Board is using a backup email submission process. This article explains the submission guidelines. Please note that this backup email process is for exams beginning May 18.

You have learned a lot. Time to show them what you’ve got. Before you start, think about the words of the Navy chaplain on the ground at Pearl Harbor: “Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.” Rock out. 

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