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Complimentary AP US History Review!

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Although you might be learning new material in school, it is time to start reviewing for the AP US History Exam! Join Garrett Lowe Ph.D. for complimentary review sessions for the AP US History Test. Using slides, videos, and original documents, Garrett will focus on comparison, causation, continuity, and changes. History is a blast, a heartbreak, and an inspiration. To help you crush exam day, Eagle Eye will provide a study sheet with all themes and their supporting events. The class meets weekly on Sundays on Zoom, followed by a question and answer session.

Class 1 Settlement to Articles of Confederation
Class 2 Articles of Confederation to the Civil War
Class 3 Civil War to the Progressives
Class 4 1920s to the Depression
Class 5 Depression to World War II

When do you ever get something for free? Register today! Let your friends know about these review sessions!

Garrett has written an AP US History Exam review book and created an AP US History app with over 1,000 questions. To say he knows his stuff is an understatement!

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