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Cultural Enrichment and the ACT

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It is not unfair to say that the ACT English section is far from inspiring. In fact, the awkward soporific diction is designed to bore and annoy test takers, causing them to miss questions the could ordinarily answer correctly. However, (and this is a big joyful “however”!), the actual stuff discussed in the ACT English section can be fascinating.

Here are some artists I learned about from the ACT English section who have made my life better.


The Bily Brothers and the wooden clocks.
Just astonishing. Check them out:

The pottery of Mata Ortiz. An entire Mexican village making innovative and traditional pottery. I am not much of a pottery guy, but goodness gracious!


James Little and his curiously satisfying, jazz-inspired painting.

Painter and sculptor Alejandro Santiago and his spectacular evocative 2,501 Migrantes.”

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