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Got a Game Plan?

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Tomorrow is the ACT. Today is the time to review your game plan for each of the sections. Think of what you are supposed to do. I emphasize these. On the English, rely on rules for punctuation. With verbs, go find the subject. With pronouns, go find the antecedent. When being asked how to say something, go short and sweet. Move your mouth as you read, and def read for comprehension. On math, your goal is to answer everything correctly that you know how to do – everything else is cake. Remember that some questions at the end are pretty easy, so skip questions in the middle that annoy you. Don’t let them break your rhythm. Such questions are usually easier when you look at them a second time. On the reading and science sections, efficiency is key. Underline, circle, cross out. Summer is almost here! Here’s a nice little bit of writing from our favorite Absurdist philosopher. Pretty good stuff to read before an ACT (it’s short!).

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