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Eagle Eye Tutoring student Lilly Behbehani started Here2Help last March when Montgomery County Public Schools announced their decision to close to prevent the spread of COVID. She knew some of her fellow students relied on the meals they received at school.  To help them, Lilly mobilized some friends and started a food drive. They publicized the food drive on the school newspaper’s website and received a few responses. As the pandemic progressed, they experienced a tremendous increase in requests. Since April, Here 2Help has made thousands of contactless deliveries across Montgomery County. Know someone who needs help? Share this link with them. Requests for help are anonymous, and food is provided for anyone in need.  

Eagle Eye Tutoring donated over 200 cans of Glory Foods to Here2Help. Garrett first learned about Glory Foods from an ACT reading passage! While you don’t need to donate 200 cans of vegetables, you can join Eagle Eye in supporting  Here2Help.  You can volunteer, contribute money, or donate items. SSL hours may be earned for volunteering with Here2Help.  Eagle Eye Tutoring is proud to support Lilly and Here2Help!

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