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SSAT: Register Soon!


In previous years, students reported to test centers on a weekend morning. Lines to check in, distractions in the form of fidgety fellow test takers, students with persistent coughs and unusually hot or cold testing rooms were not uncommon. This year, taking the SSAT is a very different experience!

There are three options for the 2020-2021 SSAT :
1. Paper-based Flex Test with Educational Consultants
2. Computer-based SSAT at home (available every Saturday and the first Sunday of each month)
3. Computer-based test at Prometric Test Center
*Students can take a Flex test ONCE per year, the SSAT at home five times per year, and test at Prometric two times per year. 

Eagle Eye recommends that students first take the SSAT at home. We recognize that not everyone has a home environment conducive to taking a lengthy standardized test! Noisy neighbors, loud siblings and busy parents can be very distracting. You might be relieved to learn that students taking the SSAT at home are NOT required to test in their homes. Students CAN test at the Eagle Eye office. Locations such as a school, library resource room, or other location could all be acceptable. 

If another test is necessary (in most cases it is!), we recommend a paper-based Flex Test with an Educational Consultant if it is within your budget. Don’t wait until later this fall to register for your SSAT, especially your Flex Test. Educational Consultants’ schedules fill up early, so reserve your spot today! You can sign up at https://www.ssat.org/.

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