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Test Day Tips: Good Biology

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An important element of a successful performance on standardized testing is good biology. That is exercise, eating well, and sleeping. On the day of the test, be sure to have a good breakfast! That means oatmeal, or eggs and bacon, or bagel and lox and cream cheese – not cereal. Cereal is bad and Dr. Kellogg was a truly disturbing man.

During your break, you’ll need a good snack. Granola bars are solid. If you’re more gourmet, then make a tomato, basil, and mozzarella sandwich. Your drink should contain sugar and, if you are a devotee of the goddess caffeine, caffeine. Just juice is fine. At this stage of the test you’ll need to boost your blood sugar, so water alone is not super helpful. BUT, here’s a really cool site that talks about how DC gets its water. Check it out! https://www.washingtontunnels.com/washington-aqueduct-map

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