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Test Prep Tips for Sophomores


Virtual Test Prep

This spring and summer are ideal times to begin test prep before the competing stress of the junior year workload.  Your child can focus on the portions of these tests that either require the memorization of a wide range of information (math) or on those that require repetition (science on the ACT). Eagle Eye is open for virtual tutoring, and Garrett can help your child prepare efficiently and effectively. If you are interested, please email Nancy Steadman and she will set something up.


Eagle Eye has created over 160 flashcards focused on the ACT Math and English sections. You can purchase them here.

Practice Tests

If you are game, we have ACT and SAT practice tests you can administer at home. You might get a giant eye roll from your child when you suggest this idea, but they are necessary to determine which test is best for your child. We can email you the tests and answer sheets.  Garrett is happy to review your child’s results, help you determine which test is most appropriate, and come up with a test prep timeline.


Some of you may have learned that the University of California, among other schools, has suspended ACT/SAT requirements for rising seniors. Tufts has suspended them for the next three years. This is a changing landscape. However, the rule of thumb on test-optional colleges is that students with strong grades and a robust list of activities do just fine. Other students benefit from providing scores to help them stand out. Garrett is happy, of course, to speak with you on this, and as always, you can be sure that Garrett will provide the most informed advice that he can.

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