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We teach and help students, so they can accomplish what they need to and then move on – more competent and confident. How do we do this? Our motto guides our work: Simplify, Strive, Succeed.

Simplify: We break down the task into solvable pieces. We know the material, determine what a student needs to know and understand how best to commit that information to memory. We also pay attention to what the latest science says about cognition, stress and achievement.

Strive: There’s definitely no progress without work. But there’s also no progress without understanding the sources of one’s mistakes – as Francis Bacon noted: truth comes from error. So, we help our students analyze their mistakes, learn from them and maximize their performance. Collaboration between student and tutor is at the heart of what we do: we pay attention, explain and guide.

Succeed: There are many ways to measure success. We not only work for scores and grades (though we definitely do that!), but, as importantly, we teach our students to identify their strengths, to fortify the weak spots, and to reach their potential. Yes, there are important external metrics, but it is also critical for students to celebrate progress. Happiness, success, the joy of learning. Those are pretty good goals.

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